Logo Statement

Logo Statement

At the center of the Emblem of Rajasthan University of Health Sciences is the map of Rajasthan State with a Staff encircle with two serpent and wings symbolizing Greek and Roman Gods of Health called Hermes and Mercury adapted as a symbol of modern Medical Science along with the year of its establishment, 2006 A.D.

The map is encircled by the Two Twigs of Leaves which in Western Philosophy symbolizes Olive branches which is an expression of Peace, Love and Harmony.In Hindu Philosophy it depicts the Vanaspathi (also called as Aushadhi) held in the hands of Dhanvantri, which is the source of all medicines.

At the top of the emblem is the motto of the University:" Swasthya Seva –Rashtra seva which means “Serving for health is Serving the nation”

The motto of the University stresses on ' Praninam arti nashnum’ which means Eradication of sorrows of suffering living beings.

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